Thursday, 8 May 2008

Renetto makes his move!

This is the video we've all been waiting for. Renetto has given a name to his big idea. In fact he's gone one better than that. Two big ideas and, therefore, two names. Paul Robinett has managed to cast himself a love-him-or-hate-him character but I'll say this in his defence. He has passion. Meet him in person and he is a charismatic leader, a motivator, an inspiration. Now he will no-longer be YouTube bashing - let's hope YouTube finds a suitable replacement thorn-in-the-flesh! Instead his attentions are turned to creating Web 3.0!

I write all this because, at 11 minutes long, his video is only for the dedicated. But here's the names you should be looking out for:


Renetto writes: "Imagine a city alive with conversation...Alive with connection...Vibrant with voices from anywhere and everywhere...Stories you never dreamt you'd hear...Friends you never knew you'd know......Coming soon..."


Renetto writes: "Never surf the web alone...The future of the web is Social Surfing or...What will soon be known as...Sorffing...Coming soon..."

Ever since Paul began agitating on YouTube I've pondered my response. Do I agree with him? Would I follow someone like him away from the home of online video? Watching today I think I might. Times change and YouTube has certainly changed. Social media is so much more joined up and will only become more so. Watch his video and you'll see it's not histrionics. He's not spitting out the dummy; he's saying let's grow up and take this to the next level. And I'm inclined to think he's onto something good!


Sam McGeown said...

I can't help but wonder if Renetto has missed the idea of Web 2.0 - surely one key characteristics of the web at the moment is the ability to link up all the different aspects of your online life.

Your WordPress/Blogger/BlogEngine shows your YouTube account and allows you to syndicate to your FaceBook, show your Flickr and share your surfing with DiggIt, StumbleUpon, LinkedIn. There are literally hundreds of ways to communicate and share your online experience - as you well know Mr Hellyer.

My point is, the web is ALREADY like "a city alive with conversation...Alive with connection...Vibrant with voices from anywhere and everywhere". No one website will ever be THE place to do that because it will never have everyone on it. So you're left with another social networking site, perhaps with a new twist or innovation, that will take a share of online social networking...but will it be something new in itself? I don't think so.

Not to mention the issue of funding. Last time I checked no-one has really found a way to successfully monetise a social network, somehow I doubt Renetto has the model that will do that either. So it will fall back to invasive and agressive advertising, no doubt cause an outrage as our socially available personal data is devoured and used to spew up the latest in advertising content.

Unless I'm mistaken, what Renetto is talking about is still Web 2.0

Matt Hellyer said...

I will give him the benefit of the doubt for now - at least until I actually see what he's tslking about - but your points are serious questions. I think if you made them a ranting response to his video you might get an answer from him!

Sam McGeown said...

Well you know me, too shy and retiring for YouTube fame ;)