Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Being a good GURU!

If you're sensitive to anything that may appear to be shameless self-promotion then now might be a good time to look away! Not that I think I'm blowing my own e-trumpet; this is more a case of self-as-an-illustration!

I YouTube. A lot. As a result I made the UK YouTube Partner programme when they opened it up for applications earlier this year. (For me the perk was not the slight chance I might make money from my videos but the fact I can upload banners to my YouTube profile!) I am also a Guru! YouTube let's you select a title that you think fits your content. (Mine doesn't really qualify me from Comedian or Musician, and Guru sounded more exciting than Director!)

For the last week I've been in the 'Most Viewed (Today) - Gurus' chart. It's a global top 100. Why? Well it's not that my videos are gaining thousands of views. They're hitting 50 - 100 in the first two or three days. It's because I've posted a video every day for at least the last seven days. I'm witnessing the triumph of quantity over quality!

So that's today's lesson. Sometimes making videos is better than making a good video. It does depend on your objectives but making the 'charts' is one way to gain profile and attract new audiences. And if that appeals to you I suggest you get uploading!

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