Tuesday, 29 April 2008

Let's hear it for encouragement!

I can't remember the exact words but they were enough to make me kick my apathy and post again. So my thanks to James. If you appreciate him spurring me back into action why not drop by and let him know. For James has succeeded where Stephen Fry failed!

I watched Fry's programme about the Gutenberg press on the BBC iPlayer (what a fantastic piece of technology - the iPlayer that is!). As I was sitting there I knew I should be blogging about it, especially when one of his interviewees drew the comparison between the advent of moveable type and the dawn of the internet age. I didn't. Perhaps because I was holding an MSN conversation about the programme with a friend who was simultaneously utilising the iPlayer. (You can co-ordinate tea breaks and everything!). The iPlayer's only obvious drawback is shows expire after 7 days. But to cover that eventuality God invented YouTube! TOS violations permitting, most good TV can be found on there. I checked and, sure enough, I'm able to present you with part 1 of 6 of that fascinating documentary. Just don't tell the BBC!

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