Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Don't buy a Samsung not-so FlashCAM!

It’s always nice when other people make mistakes so you don’t have to; not so good when you’re the crash-test-dummy yourself. Sadly, I throw my hands up and admit my mistake and urge you not to repeat it. For down the slippery slope I have descended lies only frustration, aggravation and the desire to play quarterback with a new purchase.

I’m talking about my new Samsung FlashCAM – a devise so annoying I wish it came at truly disposable price point. Alas, I have parted with more money than I can knowingly discard. And I need a camcorder over these next couple of weeks so I must make do. However, it will be retired at the earliest possible opportunity. (It might not even be deemed charitable to give it away!)

I was fooled by its cute styling, its YouTube friendly sticker and the fact it wasn’t a Sony. (I’ve had issues with them in the past too!) I wanted to purchase a Canon HD camcorder but they are not readily available in Bosnia and Herzegovina, at least not in the shops near me. Still a model from the Legria range will remain on my wish list unless another ‘dummy’ alerts me to some hidden dangers!


Rob McGeown said...

I does look cute doesnt it! Whats wrong with it?

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