Thursday, 25 October 2007

After 2.0 comes 3.0!

Just yesterday someone said to me that by the time some of their clients where fully caught up with Web 2.0 we'd be on to Web 3.0. How true. Today I was scotting around the Times web site, only the discover this article.

Maybe I'm off the pace - possible, because nobody can know everything! - but this was the first time I'd seen Web 3.0 in 'print', albeit print of the pixel generated kind. The article also goes on to speculate on the characteristics of Web 4.0.

If these trends do play out as predicted we will be living in a much more joined up world very shortly. The 'intelligence' of the machines, from which our lives will be largely inseperable, will have been derived from the way we act, how we join the dots together. So let's teach like we would like to be taught.

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