Thursday, 1 November 2007

Make the music - it'll sell the T-shirts

I was part of a discussion about communication strategy earlier today when I stumbled on an analogy. I liked it, so I thought I'd document it here. We were discussing how 'church' can sell it's products and services. My thought turned the the music industry.

Band's make music. That's what makes and band a band. Bands also make t-shirts. That's where bands make their money. Fans buy t-shirts. But why?

I recently bought t-shirts with printed designs from Primark, they cost £3 each. I've bought t-shirts from gigs for as much as £20. Are the worth the extra £17? Not on the physical value - or even the design merit - of the the product. It's the association, buying into the band identity, that makes me dig deeper than I know is sensible too.

The 'church' problem is trying to sell the T-shirts. You'll never convince people they're great quality or killer designs - because they're probably not. But write some great music and put on an awesome show and the T-shirts will sell themselves.

Let's not forget to make the music. If 'church' lived the life it should in a way that showed people not only would lives be changed but people would be queuing at the merchandise table!

To understand more of where the music industry is going read this article aboutgiving music away and this one about Madonna ditching her record label - both from the Times.

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