Wednesday, 28 November 2007

Pedants beware!

Is it wrong to be riled at talk of podcasts when downloads is what is most certainly meant, to choke when blogs are spoken of although they are without a doubt referring to online video? Should there be grace within a realm where the rules are barely - and rarely - written and nuances so easily lost on a novice?

The democratisation of print let the masses publish with concept or cognisance of leading or kerning; unleashed without respect for the dark art of typography. All was not lost but many a retina was scared in the process. Now New Media brings the same accessibility to audio and video production, and with it the chance for the uninitiated to meddle - and muddle - with the terminology, as they grapple with form and functionality.

I should not rant, for I might still be numbered amongst them; those still embracing the new world of new media. Yet in that embrace we can find clarity. And so let each ‘thing’ be called for what it is.

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