Saturday, 3 November 2007

Thoughts of Excellence

Excellence. Apart from the word goading me to shout 'excellent' in a Wayne's World style it's got me thinking. I've got a meeting next week about video blogging. So what make's excellent video blogs? The camera and the lighting quality? The set and the style of the blogger? What they say or the tone of their voice? Or is it the fact they say something, anything...that fact they just keep putting our videos?

What I do know is excellence must not be confussed with perfection. Perfection is that elusive quality with the power to stall any project, break any budget and kill any creativity. And in video blogging perfection is an unnecessary aim. In a medium with a topical lifespan of a few days there's little point in striving for high art. You'll deliver your masterpiece just in time to see the back of an online community already on to the next thing.

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