Saturday, 24 November 2007

Do unto others...

'Do to others as you'd have them do to you' is derived from the second of two great commands Jesus gave. It being the end of National Anti-Bullying week in the UK I was speaking to some oung people along those lines tonight. But then my thoughts drifted to online video - betraying a shameful obsession?

There's a big difference between the videos I like to watch and the videos I like to make. That may explain why many of the videos I watch get far more views than the videos I make! Is it all about the views? No...unless you are serious about communicating a message. If my YouTubing is purely recreational then my hit-and-miss production style is fine. However, if I'm serious about communicating perhaps I should pay more attention to why I like certain video producer and analysis how I apply the disciplines they do.

So what's the difference? Visit my channel and you'll find a selection of random self-indulgence with, perhaps, the odd spark of genius! Visit redstateupdate or MarkDayComedy or PoliticoPlaybook and you'll most likely see the formula that's brought them success.

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