Thursday, 15 November 2007

Don't say that!

I recently turned 33 - making me the same age as Jesus, but that's not my point! A friend caught me repeated citing my age as an excuse for things.

'I'm too old to...'

'Don't say that, you sound like you're having an early mid-life crisis!'

I'm not...but I have started to watch my language. Old age is about feeling old and if it's true we're as old as we feel let's not feel it too much!

'I'm too old for this technology stuff' is - respectfully - an excuse. Consider Peter, aka Geriatric1927, who at 80 has become the internet grandad. One year on YouTube has openned a role as an age awareness ambassador, including an invite to the World Economic Forum at Davos. And let's not overlook his becoming a pop recording artist with The Zimmers.

He's not too old. You might be too disinterested, apathetic or unbelieving but you are not too old. Having removed those excuses, what's stopping you from embracing new technology?

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