Thursday, 13 March 2008

Bebo SOLD - news just OUT!

Yeah, and good luck to it's new owners!

Perhaps you should hear my take on Bebo before continuing to read what will undoubtedly become a rant. I guess I'm just growing tired of seeing young people prostitute themselves with a digital camera. I'm all for posing but there is a difference between having a laugh and being provocative. Especially when I think half the profile images I see are from people who are either naive or wouldn't like the reality of living up to the image they portray.

But what about business. AOL gets Bebo for $850 million. It's a big player here in the UK - well among the kids it is. In my world Myspace is waning - and I mourn its passing - and Facebook is in the assendency. I have little love for Zukerberg's creation but it seems to be what my peers have chosen. And you can't socially network if you've got no one to connect with!

Perhaps the tweens and teens of Bebo have the purchasing power to propel profits, perhaps this is a good case of long-termism in an industry with increasing short product cycles. My observation, however, would be that the Bebo users are not here to buy, but rather to sell themselves. If Bebo are gonna generate those all-important click-thoughs they best be contacting the like of L'Oreal, Tigi or GHD for advertising!

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Sam said...

I'm all for posing

Yes, yes you are.