Friday, 7 March 2008

Wagging the Long Tail!

Last summer I, somewhat belatedly, read The Long Tail. Fantastic read. In fact a must read if you have any interest or involvement in online retail or distribution. I'm sure Chris Anderson's heart would be warmed by my story today...

On YouTube, predictably, catching up with the latest from my subscriptions. It's a day off so I don't overlook the 16 minute offering from Paul 'Renetto' Robinett.

A couple of minutes into this he mentions he used to be in a band. I knew that. He tosses out the name. I didn't know that. So while Renetto rambles on I Google. And I open up Amazon. There were 8 copies of 'Beautiful', The Walter Eugenes second album, available on the market place. There are now 7! Even before Renetto has wrapped up his inspirational piece-to-camera I've made my purchase. I leave him a comment letting him know. Within minutes he's acknowledged it.

I love the way this stuff works - I just hope I love his music!

But, then again, what's to lose? My wife's a successful 'marketplace trader' herself!

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