Monday, 10 March 2008

Food for thought...

Yesterday's lunch was a 'Fully Loaded' meal from KFC. Why? Because every bus shelter between here and my office has a poster with a picture of one on it. I explained this to my brother. 'Funny, isn't that what they call advertising?!' was his reply.

It is. Still I was shocked by its effectiveness. The more I read about online advertising the more I here that savvy consumers are making it harder for desperate companies to monetise content. One article claimed the only area where online advertising is reaping rewards is in car advertising. Funny that - I once bought a car as a result of a pop-up ad!

KFC's poster is not clever. It's just a picture of a meal I know tastes good. Perhaps that's why it worked. Would it have worked as a pop-up? Maybe, but then I hate pop-ups so it'd have to be a seriously good one to stop me closing it almost instantly. Somehow I don't think I'd have watched it.

Is this a case of a gentle reminder winning over incessant shouting?

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