Monday, 3 March 2008

Is anyone even interested?!

"Is anyone even interested?"

That may not have been the exact words but that was the essence of it. I replied with a passionate defence of the opportunities new media brings but I was visibly losing the argument. Now I'm old enough to accept not being right, or not winning every debate, but surprised that my concession was to - apparently - the youngest person in the room!

I know that blogs and online video, podcasts and the finer points of social media are not everybody's cup of tea. They don't have to be. But there are far from inconsequential. In a world were our future is shaped as much by our corporate emotions as by any reliable facts and figures these elements of New Media can swiftly move from the sidelines to being key players in defining the path ahead. Old Media still has the upper hand in some areas - think the Northern Rock fiasco or the Mail's recent hyperventilating about plastic bags - but it was the internet that finally outed Harry's front line engagement in Afghanistan, thereby according him 'hero' status.

Perhaps it a personal choice, to embrace New Media or to ignore it. But, like burying one's head in the sand, the latter is not recommended!

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