Thursday, 6 March 2008

Saving Face[book]

I was on the train back from London tonight. I'd just witnessed Spurs depressing defeat in the UEFA Cup. However I'll spare you my thoughts on that. Instead I'll talk about something that caught my eye in the metro. Or, more precisely, someone. The ever be-sandled Mr Zuckerberg.

It seems that lucky young chap has climbed into Forbes Rich List - qualifying as Americas youngest billionaire. While he's still a long way off the top guns at $1.45bn he's just a few bucks off being able to afford YouTube. Imagine the scandel!

Bill Gates' plan to give away his fortune must be working because he's slipped a couple of places. With Zuckerberg on the up perhaps he'll also be able to replace Gates as the most reviled man in computers! Beacon was a great start and I'm sure it can't be too long until Facebook unveils public-relations-disaster-part-two.

You should never judge a book by its cover nor a man by his sandles but sometimes that's easier said than done!

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